Don’t let your knowledge overrule you

Knowledge is power. The more you know the more confident you become. You could be overfilled about one specific topic or in a vast variety. When a person masters a specific area of interest, his thought process is altered in many ways. With that note, often a notion of “I know everything”/ “I have nothing … Read more

Your past is your future

Living in the moment is present, lived in the moment is past and will live in the moment is future. We are often told that that our past is past, it’s gone. Don’t let your past affect your future. Your past doesn’t define your future. Doesn’t it ? Really ?? If I am finishing all … Read more

Befriend your Work cum Office

Considering the state of play in work culture, more than 50% of the people are working from home and would continue to do so at least till any further notice from their respective companies. Many of the giant and small corporates have even announced a permanent work from home option. Since the norm is there … Read more